The sociological meaning and significance of the city center

The article analyzes the symbolic significance of the center for urban settlements on the example of projects of "ideal" cities of different times: from Plato's concepts to the theories of "new urbanism". The theories of classical researchers of urban spaces (E. Burgess etc.), as well as the materials and approach of structuralist scientists (M. Eliade, A. G. Dugin, etc.). It is concluded that the city center concentrates the main sacred and political meanings, is the basis of the hierarchy and concentricity of the city, but with the advent of modernity, the centers begin to give way to the most significant public space to city streets.

For citation: Sergeev A.A., Medvedev M.M. The sociological meaning and significance of the city center. "Telescope": Journal of Sociological and Marketing Research. 2023. N. 4. P. 138-143. DOI:10.24412/1994-3776-2023-4-138-143