Digital Literacy of the Population of Belarus: Socio-Demographic Characteristics

The republican monitoring data for 2022 serve the basis for analyzing the readiness of the Belarusian population for changes in the digital sphere via formation of digital literacy. Given a low level of digital literacy of the population of the republic, information and media literacy skills are assessed as more developed, and computer literacy skills – as less developed. Male representatives aged 18 to 29 years, living in an urban environment, working in professional spheres that require constant use of digital technologies (IT-industry, media, banking sector etc.) are revealed as most prepared for the digital society, however no pronounced differences for digital literacy between males and females are found. Representatives of the 50+ generation are least prepared for the digital world. It is suggested that the accelerating digitalization of the Belarusian society will force Belarusians to master digital literacy skills at a faster pace.

For citation: Simkhovich V. Digital Literacy of the Population of Belarus: Socio-Demographic Characteristics. "Telescope": Journal of Sociological and Marketing Research. 2023. N. 4. P. 11-20. DOI:10.24412/1994-3776-2023-4-11-20