Actualisation of headhunting in Russia

Оn the background of many factors (SWO, coronavirus, demographic hole, etc.), the labour market in Russia is experiencing staff starvation, the tension is decreasing on average by 1 per year (according to the hh index). In response to this background, headhunting is being widely used. Protecting employees from it comes down to two approaches: complete secrecy of information about the company and personnel, even within the organisation; or flexible structure, openness, development of trust and informal ties between employees and management.

For citation: Aleksandrov I.N., Parshukov А.E. Actualisation of headhunting in Russia. "Telescope": Journal of Sociological and Marketing Research. 2023. N. 4. P. 6-10. DOI:10.24412/1994-3776-2023-4-6-10