Sociology of Human-centered Management
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Human-oriented management: from empirical research to systematic activities 6-11 PDF icon 2023_2_01.pdf 2023. N 2
Social problems of human-oriented management in the conditions of informatization of the Russian society 12-14 PDF icon 2023_2_02.pdf 2023. N 2
Human-oriented model of the development of the Russian state pension system: risks of digitalization of the economy 15-19 PDF icon 2023_2_03.pdf 2023. N 2
Forms of employment of enterprises employees in crisis situations 19-29 PDF icon 2023_2_04.pdf 2023. N 2
Ethical reflection of digital control and human-oriented management 30-32 PDF icon 2023_2_05.pdf 2023. N 2
About management as a type of management in the conditions of the new Russian normality 33-38 PDF icon 2023_2_06.pdf 2023. N 2
The problem of innovative development: sociological analysis 39-46 PDF icon 2023_2_07.pdf 2023. N 2
Leisure practices and strategies of leisure behavior in a modern urban environment 46-51 PDF icon 2023_2_08.pdf 2023. N 2
HR-technologies and staff involvement in the work 52-60 PDF icon 2023_2_09.pdf 2023. N 2
Sociology of Labor and Management
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Personal development as a factor of overcoming social entropy in the transformational activities of modern enterprises 6-17 PDF icon 2023_1_01.pdf 2023. N 1
The power of weak ties in the development of cooperation networks: professional and interprofessional communications 18-28 PDF icon 2023_1_02.pdf 2023. N 1
Issues of work motivation of pedagogical workers in institutions for orphans 28-31 PDF icon 2023_1_03.pdf 2023. N 1
Formation of a competence model as a factor in the development of the company's personnel 32-37 PDF icon 2023_1_04.pdf 2023. N 1
Sociology of Management
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Actualisation of headhunting in Russia 6-10 PDF icon 2023_4_01.pdf 2023. N 4
Digital Literacy of the Population of Belarus: Socio-Demographic Characteristics 11-20 PDF icon 2023_4_02.pdf 2023. N 4
Visible elements of corporate culture in medical organizations: theoretical aspects and content analysis 20-26 PDF icon 2023_4_03.pdf 2023. N 4
Employee engagement and its importance for the employee and the organization 27-33 PDF icon 2023_4_04.pdf 2023. N 4
Peculiarities of congress and exhibition activity development within the framework of global digitalization 34-40 PDF icon 2023_4_05.pdf 2023. N 4
Phenomenon of artificial intelligence in production and trade 41-44 PDF icon 2023_4_06.pdf 2023. N 4
Social dimensions of the quality of working life 45-50 PDF icon 2023_4_07.pdf 2023. N 4
Sociology of Youth
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Innovative infrastructure and youth career guidance in solving staff problems of the industry 6-13 PDF icon 2023_3_01.pdf 2023. N 3
Mentoring as a tool for professional adaptation of a young higher school teacher 14-18 PDF icon 2023_3_02.pdf 2023. N 3
Social expectations of youth in the development of public relations 19-26 PDF icon 2023_3_03.pdf 2023. N 3
Research of professional orientation of students 27-30 PDF icon 2023_3_04.pdf 2023. N 3
Professional communications as a factor for the successful involvement of youth to professional activity 62-68 PDF icon 2023_1_08.pdf 2023. N 1
Motivational factors of applicants' professional choice as the basis of the University's communication strategy 69-75 PDF icon 2023_1_09.pdf 2023. N 1
Social factors of the spread of childfree in Russia 76-81 PDF icon 2023_1_10.pdf 2023. N 1
Features of reproductive attitudes of modern students 82-84 PDF icon 2023_1_11.pdf 2023. N 1
The attitude of young people to the problem of a healthy lifestyle 105-108 PDF icon 2023_4_17.pdf 2023. N 4
Sociology of Social Relations
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Social networks of migrants as a new communication locality, quasi-institutions of ethnicity and the logic of virtualization of social capital 38-47 PDF icon 2023_1_05.pdf 2023. N 1
Economic reforms through the prism of social reality 48-56 PDF icon 2023_1_06.pdf 2023. N 1
ChatGPT and five lessons for higher education in the era of “artificial sociality” 57-61 PDF icon 2023_1_07.pdf 2023. N 1
Economic Sociology
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Social environment as a potential for human self-development 31-35 PDF icon 2023_3_05.pdf 2023. N 3
Managerial interaction as a context of meaning formation 36-44 PDF icon 2023_3_06.pdf 2023. N 3
The impact of fraudsters' appearance on consumers of financial goods and services 45-52 PDF icon 2023_3_07.pdf 2023. N 3
Cryptocurrency as a problem for sociologists: what and how to explore? 53-60 PDF icon 2023_3_08.pdf 2023. N 3
Corporate culture as a factor in the effective implementation of the company’s strategic goals 61-64 PDF icon 2023_3_09.pdf 2023. N 3
Development of small and medium business in the context of the national project «Small and medium entrepreneurship and support of individual entrepreneurial initiative» 89-96 PDF icon 2023_4_15.pdf 2023. N 4
Sociology and Labor Organization
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The essence, features and role of social capital in the socio-economic system, reproduction process and career building 51-54 PDF icon 2023_4_08.pdf 2023. N 4
The employer’s value proposal in the people-oriented management system 55-61 PDF icon 2023_4_09.pdf 2023. N 4
Attracting talents: social technologies for creation an appealing HR-brand 62-67 PDF icon 2023_4_10.pdf 2023. N 4
Using social media and online platforms to build an HR brand 68-73 PDF icon 2023_4_11.pdf 2023. N 4
Conceptual development of «human potential» in the context of modern theories and practices of social development 74-78 PDF icon 2023_4_12.pdf 2023. N 4
Artificial Intelligence and sociology of labor: changes in employment structure, professional roles and skill requirements in the conditions of AI development 79-83 PDF icon 2023_4_13.pdf 2023. N 4
Managing the motivation of remote employees 84-88 PDF icon 2023_4_14.pdf 2023. N 4
School for young researchers
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Regulation of ethical aspects in the interaction between medical workers and patients 65-69 PDF icon 2023_3_10.pdf 2023. N 3
Staffing problems of the Russian higher education system 70-77 PDF icon 2023_3_11.pdf 2023. N 3
Comparative analysis of the public pages of the regional management centers in the social network "Vkontakte" in the Vologda and Yaroslavl regions 77-84 PDF icon 2023_3_12.pdf 2023. N 3
Perception of the sub-categories “event” among the modern Russian youth 85-92 PDF icon 2023_1_12.pdf 2023. N 1
Social policy and human development in modern Russia 84-89 PDF icon 2023_3_13.pdf 2023. N 3
Dynamics of the development of information and communication technologies in the regions of the Russian Federation with different investment attractiveness in the period from 2014 to 2021 93-102 PDF icon 2023_1_13.pdf 2023. N 1
Development of professional competences of an employee through social technologies 89-95 PDF icon 2023_3_14.pdf 2023. N 3
Mythologization of virtual reality functions 103-109 PDF icon 2023_1_14.pdf 2023. N 1
Efficiency of implementing corporate information systems in the 21st century 95-99 PDF icon 2023_3_15.pdf 2023. N 3
The socio-psychological climate is a factor in reducing professional risks in the activities of fireflights 110-117 PDF icon 2023_1_15.pdf 2023. N 1
Socio-cultural risks of workforce management in the context of the theory of generations 118-122 PDF icon 2023_1_16.pdf 2023. N 1
The role of gender socialization in the interaction of children and parents in the game 100-104 PDF icon 2023_3_16.pdf 2023. N 3
Social technologies for the prevention of professional burnout of tax inspection employees 102-108 PDF icon 2023_2_17.pdf 2023. N 2
Human capital: innovations and risks 122-126 PDF icon 2023_1_17.pdf 2023. N 1
Corporate culture as a factor of staff motivation 105-111 PDF icon 2023_3_17.pdf 2023. N 3
Digitalization of Media as a Conflict Factor in Intergenerational Transmission of Values 109-114 PDF icon 2023_4_18.pdf 2023. N 4
Recommendations for improving a comfortable urban environment in the context of digitalization of public relations 111-116 PDF icon 2023_3_18.pdf 2023. N 3
Stability of the main factors affecting the applicant's choice of higher education institution 108-115 PDF icon 2023_2_18.pdf 2023. N 2
What’s the worth of risk? 126-131 PDF icon 2023_1_18.pdf 2023. N 1
The impact of digitalization on the younger generation 115-120 PDF icon 2023_4_19.pdf 2023. N 4
Professional self-determination of youth 117-121 PDF icon 2023_3_19.pdf 2023. N 3
Value orientations of modern youth and their role in the formation of youth policy in the Russian Federation 116-122 PDF icon 2023_2_19.pdf 2023. N 2
IT HR management risks 131-134 PDF icon 2023_1_19.pdf 2023. N 1
Leisure preferences of modern teenagers 121-126 PDF icon 2023_4_20.pdf 2023. N 4
Research of modern factors and causes of social cruelty in society 122-132 PDF icon 2023_3_20.pdf 2023. N 3
About the need to move from corporate social responsibility to the ESG concept 123-129 PDF icon 2023_2_20.pdf 2023. N 2
Social marketing of "GLORIA JEANS" trademark 127-130 PDF icon 2023_4_21.pdf 2023. N 4
Social technologies of the influence of information services on the management process in an organization 132-141 PDF icon 2023_3_21.pdf 2023. N 3
The impact of the social policy of an IT organization on the social well-being of employees 129-134 PDF icon 2023_2_21.pdf 2023. N 2
Managing the social prestige of science and higher education: example of the USSR 135-143 PDF icon 2023_2_22.pdf 2023. N 2
Analysis of the communication policy of SBERBANK PJSC 131-137 PDF icon 2023_4_22.pdf 2023. N 4
The sociological meaning and significance of the city center 138-143 PDF icon 2023_4_23.pdf 2023. N 4
A study of the satisfaction of citizens of St. Petersburg with the level of development of a comfortable urban environment 144-150 PDF icon 2023_2_23.pdf 2023. N 2
Demographic situation of the Kurgan region: marriage and divorce 144-147 PDF icon 2023_4_24.pdf 2023. N 4
Motivating people to get higher education 150-155 PDF icon 2023_2_24.pdf 2023. N 2
The influence of gender stereotypes in the media space on people's perception of gender 156-161 PDF icon 2023_2_25.pdf 2023. N 2
The main problems of youth entrepreneurship in modern Russia 161-169 PDF icon 2023_2_26.pdf 2023. N 2
Sociology of Labor Migration
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Modern problems of labor migration on the territory of the CIS member states 61-65 PDF icon 2023_2_10.pdf 2023. N 2
Migration discourse: collision of polar viewpoints 65-73 PDF icon 2023_2_11.pdf 2023. N 2
Adaptation and integration of migrants as an important element of migration policy 74-78 PDF icon 2023_2_12.pdf 2023. N 2
Expected difficulties of labor migrants as obstacles to their socio-cultural adaptation 79-84 PDF icon 2023_2_13.pdf 2023. N 2
On the problem of protecting the rights of foreign citizens engaged in labor activity 85-89 PDF icon 2023_2_14.pdf 2023. N 2
International labor migration in a “comfortable” labor market in Russia 90-96 PDF icon 2023_2_15.pdf 2023. N 2
What makes online migrant groups communities? A view from Randall Collins’ “Radical microsociology” 97-101 PDF icon 2023_2_16.pdf 2023. N 2
Sociology of Empirical Research
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Typology and procedures for empirical research in a qualitative paradigm 97-104 PDF icon 2023_4_16.pdf 2023. N 4
Автор Заголовок Стр. Издание
About research of modern management problems 135-142 PDF icon 2023_1_20.pdf 2023. N 1