2022. N 4

Social Communications and Management

Dominants and distinctive features of social and professional communications in medical institutions

The article describes the role and sphere of influence of social and professional communications in medical organizations. The distinctive features of communications on the modern market of medical services are revealed, the characteristics of the features of the communication space in the sphere of healthcare are given. The author formulated and presented the main dominants of the implementation of social and professional communications for medical institutions. There are the specifics of the sphere of medical services at various levels (legislative, legal, internally regulated, socially significant, technical), the specifics of the subjects of interaction and the established relations between them, established business practices, the specifics of the object of interaction, channels of interaction and terms of interaction in this classification.


Speech competence as a professionally important quality of modern workers

The article is devoted to speech competence as a universal professionally important quality of modern workers, whose duties include negotiations and communication with people. Speech is considered as an interdisciplinary category studied in anthropology, psycholinguistics, psychology, sociology, medicine, and other sciences. The article reveals the differences between speech competence and communicative competence. The problems of speech competence are analyzed: lack of clarity and effectiveness of speech in work situations, speech anxiety, misunderstanding of the context of speech utterances and others. Criteria of formed speech competence and the influence of internal and external factors are identified. The necessity of studying speech competence and developing recommendations for its development for workers in various fields of professional activity is substantiated.


Sociology of Social Relations

Structural and functional model of the dynamics of self-production of the macrosocial system: sociological area

The need for knowledge about society as a whole is exacerbated in the context of its transformation, especially during the transition from chaotic disintegration to stabilization of its new orderliness. The managerial and pedagogical aspects of this need are of particular importance, since the functions of society and the structure of the highest level of society as a social system are considered, which is very important for managerial practice and without which it is difficult to convey to students the idea of society as a subject of sociology. The managerial aspect of this need is of particular importance, since the functions of society and the structure of the highest level of society as a social system are considered, which is important for managerial practice. In sociological theories of self-reproduction, in contrast to economic theories, the main subject of research is the reproduction of systems of relations and activities in society. Sociological theories focus on social institutions that structure reproductive processes and the constitutive role of individual thinking and behavior in the formation and maintenance of these institutions. The article examines the concept of social memory of society and the relationship of this concept with socio-economic dynamics, shows the basic (minimum) structural and structural-functional models of society, analyzes the main components of the presented models.


Trusted environment creation in the public spaces design and development

The paper is devoted to the study of the participatory design approach features in Russian practices for the development of public space in small towns. The research is based on the analysis and generalization of the world and Russian experience. ecommendations are developed for choosing tools for creating a trusting environment in the design of public spaces based on an analysis of the preferences and opinions of residents of small towns. In modern realities, the largest audience coverage involving residents of different age groups and interests in the implementation of urban development projects can only be achieved by combining online and offline methods of information and involvement.


Public opinion and everyday practices of residents of megacities as a manifestation of tension in relations with migrant workers

The article examines the peculiarities of interethnic relations between Russians and foreign citizens who come to Russia temporarily or for permanent residence. The United States of America was one of the first to face the problem of interethnic relations in similar conditions and scales with modern Russia. The author refers to the experience of American researchers who developed the stages of entry of foreign citizens into the host society, also described the conditions and factors of accelerating adaptation to life in new socio-cultural conditions. On the basis of theoretical provisions, the measures of the migration policy of the Russian Federation aimed at the socio-psychological adaptation of foreign citizens to the host society are analyzed. The positive and negative adaptations are considered, the conclusion is made about socio-psychological adaptation as a multifactorial procedure, providing, first of all, the desire and willingness of the foreign citizen himself to become part of a new socio-cultural system for himself.


Sociology of Labor and Management

Social assessments of the processes of interaction between employees of large industrial enterprises

The article studies the processes of interaction between employees of large industrial enterprises of a full technological cycle and outlines the principles for the formation of social assessments that characterize them. It is substantiated that the very process of interaction between employees is rather hidden than open, associated with management decisions. A feature of the processes of interaction between workers is a weakly expressed desire for more complex work, for the introduction of innovations in the production process. Established empirically by limiting the processes of interaction of workers in solving socially significant problems.


Cross-cultural research: definition, typology, limitations, examples and requirements

The article deals with some issues of the methodology of cross-cultural research: the place of cross-cultural research in a number of comparative studies, the understanding of cross-cultural research in the narrow and broad senses of the word. Attention is paid to the typology of cross-cultural studies, as well as a review of the most famous cross-cultural studies by F. Kluckhohn and F. Strodtbeck, G. Triandis, G. Hofstede, R. Inglehart, D. Matsumoto and other scientists. At the end of the article, the limitations and requirements for conducting cross-cultural research are given.


Financial behavior of Russians: factors, types, and codes of vulnerability

Digital transformation is having an increasing impact on people's behavior in everyday life, including economic behavior and consumption of financial goods and services. This study is interdisciplinary at the intersection of psychological and sociological knowledge. As a result of the online survey, the authors developed factors that influence the financial behavior of consumers of financial products and services, as well as types of financial behavior and matrix of financial behavior vulnerability codes.


Digital infrastructure and semantic lines of information warfare

The article examines the role of new media in the information war of Western countries and Ukraine against the Russian Federation. It is emphasized that social networks have wide possibilities of manipulating information. Under these conditions, the Russian state actively resists the impact of destructive information. However, this struggle is taking place in difficult conditions in which Western Internet platforms have a controlling stake in Runet. The structure of foreign networks carrying out coordinated information attacks against Russia and the algorithm of their management are analyzed. The strategies of Russia's counteraction to the information onslaught of Western states are given.


Analysis of the structure of value-motivational meanings in activities using factor analysis

The article presents the results of a theoretical and empirical analysis of the structure of terminal and instrumental value-motivational meanings that predetermine the development of a culture of cooperation. Particular attention is paid to the digitalization of communication as a qualitatively new characteristic of the environment for the formation of cooperation. Conclusions are formulated about the semantic prerequisites for the formation of a culture of cooperation in professional activities, incl. perception of the importance of empathy in relationships, constructive interaction, orientation to the formation of a circle of like-minded people in a professional and corporate environment. The orientations of student youth towards "mass cooperation" in the digital environment are fixed, which is focused primarily on economic benefits in creating value - the division of labor to attract the knowledge, competencies and experience of each participant in the process of achieving higher level results.


Sociology of the Social Sphere

Inter-regional differences in health financing during the coronavirus pandemic (on the example of the North-West Russia)

The article examines the disproportions in the financing of the health care system at the regional level. The results of the calculation of investments in the healthcare system from the consolidated budget of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation are presented in comparison with household expenditures on paid medical services, including during the coronavirus pandemic. The object of the research is the regions of the North-West of Russia.


Turnover of pedagogical workers: value-motivational meanings and Positive psychological capital (PsyCap)

The article is devoted to the study of the potential of the theory of value-motivational meanings and the positive psychological capital of the individual (PsyCap) in the study of the problem of the turnover of teaching staff in social institutions. The author pursued the goal of testing the potential of the concepts under consideration on the example of the study of value-motivational meanings and psychological capital of pedagogical workers in orphanages. A total of 175 teachers (n = 95 educators; n = 33 additional education teachers; n = 47 support teachers) completed the author's questionnaire for the study of value-motivational meanings and psychological capital of the individual (PsyCap). After testing the empirical results using correlation analysis in the SPSS program, conditions influencing the desire to leave the profession among educators were recorded, which are associated with job satisfaction and some PsyCap measures. In addition, correlation analysis determined that satisfaction with the level of salary does not affect the intention of teachers to leave the profession.


Evaluation of the facts of mistreatment of persons with disabilities in receiving services

The article deals with the issue of defining the concept of facts of mistreatment by persons with disabilities when receiving services in connection with violations of the rights of persons with disabilities and discrimination in the framework of the formation of a human rights model of disability. The peculiarity of their analysis, accounting in the system of public relations is considered. On the basis of open media materials, a content analysis of the facts of violations of the rights of persons with disabilities when receiving services was carried out. The results showed a paucity of information about violations of rights and the prevalence of relational barriers.


Sociology of Youth

The influence of internet communications on the social transformation of the personal potential of modern Russian youth

Globalization of the information space, activation of information impact on the life of society, its social institutions and processes, increases the social significance of digital society, turns Internet communications into an important tool for improving the personal potential of modern Russian youth.


Digital trail of learners based on LMS data

In this article, based on the data obtained during the processing of distance learning results obtained using the dynamic learning environment Moodle, a methodology was developed and a digital trace of the flow students was built. The analysis of the obtained digital footprint using the interactive presentation of Mentimetr, the "Questionnaire" module in the Moodle system and a multi-criteria selection for six parameters allowed us to select a group of students predisposed to scientific and project activities.


Psychological well-being in connection with professional motivation of students (by the example of psychological students)

The article is devoted to the study of the well-being phenomenon, based on the concept of K. Riff. The materials of an empirical study are presented, demonstrating, on the one hand, the current level of psychological well-being of psychology students, and, on the other hand, the subjective features of the well-being perception in the study group. An analysis of the relationship between psychological well-being and professional motivation is also given, taking into account gender specifics.


Empirical referents of the academic and non-academic career trajectory choice by modern master students

Currently, more and more attention is paid to the career trajectories of young people, especially the choice and development of the academic career of graduates. As a result, the authors of the article aim to identify and analyze the factors influencing the choice of a professional trajectory based on an empirical study conducted among undergraduates of the St. Petersburg State University of Economics. The result of the analysis is the presented conclusions based on the collected data.


School for young researchers

The message in the structure of propaganda impact

The article reveals propaganda as a technology for managing collective behavior through the ideological and symbolic impact on mass consciousness and examines the place of the message in its structure. In accordance with such criteria as the form of expression and ideological orientation, propaganda messages are typified: manifesting, discrediting, inducing, and insinuating ones are distinguished, their persuasive potential is described.


Innovative potential of organizations in the social sphere: research methodology

The author's understanding of the definition of innovative potential in the context of organizations pursuing a policy of assistance to some socially vulnerable segments of the population through their social habilitation and rehabilitation, adaptation and integration is given. An integrated approach to the development of a methodology for assessing the innovative potential of social organizations is proposed, which is accompanied by a system of research principles that allow the sociologist to move from "questions to answers".


The tension of social space in St. Petersburg in the context of the development of virtual communications

In the 21st century, there is an overly active development of social networks and, as a result, virtual communications. In turn, the tension in the social space is changing. This study reveals the existence of a correlation between the tension of social space and the development of virtual communications on the example of the city of St. Petersburg. The correlation is revealed: the higher the development of virtual communications, the lower the level of social tension.


Human Recourses Automation

The article is devoted to the study of actuality and efficiency of automation of work of HR-services. The experience of companies implementing innovative technologies at various stages of personnel management has been analyzed, as well as features of HR process automation in Russia have been identified. The conclusions about the positive effect from the application of IT-practices in personnel processes are made.