Russian scientific journal "Telescope: journal of sociological and marketing research"

ISSN 1994-3776

Periodicity: 4 times a year. Published since 1997

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Peer review: double blind

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Subscription index in the Russian Post Unified Catalog - PM 693

The journal is registered by the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Communications (ROSCOMNADZOR) as a "Russian Scientific Journal "Telescope: a journal of sociological and marketing research", certificate ПИ № ФС 77 - 87049 dated March 19, 2024.

The purpose of the journal is the development of fundamental sociology, theory, methodology and history of sociology, economic sociology, socio-demographic issues, issues of the formation of social structures, institutions and processes, sociology of culture, sociology of management, management, media communications. Promote:

  • revival of the intellectual and moral potential of Russia;
  • revival of Russian national self-consciousness;
  • analysis of the social processes of modern Russian society, highlighting the role of socio-cultural and ethnic traditions in these processes;
  • integration of scientific potential and formation of a new generation of scientists-specialists in various fields of socio-economic and humanitarian sciences;
  • development of domestic sociological, socio-economic knowledge, its professionalization;
  • coverage of the results of sociological research on the problems of Russian society.

Editor-in-Chief – Valery Konstantinovich Potemkin (Doctor of Economics, Professor, Honored Worker of Science of the Russian Federation, Head of the Department of Sociology and Human Resources Management, St. Petersburg State Economic University).

The history of the journal «Telescope: a journal of sociological and marketing research»has 25 years. Its scientific prototype was the Institute of Social and Economic Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences and, in particular, the 3rd department, in which outstanding scientists worked: Boris DmitrievichParygin, the founder of social psychology in the USSR; Vladimir RomanovichPolozov - the founder of the social planning of the USSR; Boris MaksimovichFirsov- methodologist of public opinion research; Vladimir AlexandrovichYadov is the founder of the dispositional theory of the regulation of the social behavior of the individual. Each of them is the founder of a scientific school, having not only Russian, but also international recognition. The third department at the institute was the leading structural unit that determined the scientific direction of the socio-economic development of the country and individual sectors of the economy. In the department research was developed that gave impetus to the resolution of many economic problems: social partnership in a market-type economic system, a social mechanism for transforming Russian society, social security for various population groups, socio-cultural development, studying the social climate and social problems, social movements, etc. Mikhail Evgenievich Ille was the first editor-in-chief of the Teleskopjournal.

In 2021, the Telescope was given a new scientific status: the Russian Scientific Journal, and its main idea, formulated by Mikhail Evgenievich Ille, is still the same - the preservation and development of new scientific knowledge about the processes of social development.

The authors of publications in the journal are representatives of more than ten scientific schools in research institutes and universities of 52 regions of the Russian Federation - both major scientists and young scientists engaged in fundamental research on the socio-cultural development of public relations, the sociology of the digital society, the processes of the demographic development of society, social structure, social institutions and processes, as well as other issues of sociology and marketing. Starting from 2021, the journal has introduced the School of Young Researchers section. As a result, the journal publishes the work of students, masters and graduate students who use modern research tools, which allows them to subsequently ensure their employment in scientific and educational institutions.

Scientific publications of the journal become important in the scientific interpretation of new social phenomena, the formation of new knowledge and new trends in the sociology of management, economic sociology and sociology of the digital society, social marketing.

The journal is published in print and electronic form and publishes four issues per year. Access to all electronic issues of the journal is permanent and free at: Each issue is contained in a single file (10-12 printed sheets) and is available for download.

The official languages ​​of the journal are Russian and English.

Journal indexing. The journal is indexed in the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI). Journal articles are included in the scientific databases Cyberleninka (Kiberleninka) and Google Academy (Google Scholar).

The journal is distributed by subscription and sent to the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Russian Federation, the Federation Council, the State Duma, ministries and departments of the Russian Federation, authorized representatives of the President of the Russian Federation in federal districts, heads of administration of the subjects of the Russian Federation, the Russian Academy of Sciences, scientific institutes, Russian and foreign universities, enterprises, organizations, institutions of branches of the national economy, regional, regional and district libraries.

The activity of the readership of the journal over the past decade (since 2011) has increased by more than 10 times (according to the RSCI, 2021). The target audience of the journal includes scientists, university professors, representatives of business and the expert community, graduate students, students and anyone interested in the development of public relations, sociology and marketing. Geographically, the audience of the Journal covers both the regions of Russia and the near abroad.

Permanent headings of the journal

  • Methodology and methods of sociological research
  • Public opinion and social movements
  • Processes of demographic development of society
  • Social structure, social institutions and processes
  • Socio-political research
  • Problems of social development
  • Sociocultural development of social relations
  • Sociocultural research
  • Sociology of business
  • Sociology of education
  • Sociology of management
  • Sociology of the digital society
  • Reviews of scientific publications and conferences
  • Interviews with leading Russian and foreign scientists
  • School of Young Researchers
  • Economic sociology

Publication Founder

Potemkin V.K.; Velmisova D.V.
Значок "Проверено сообществом"

Open access policy

The Russian scientific journal "Telescope: a journal of sociological and marketing research" provides direct open access to its content, based on the following principle: free open access to research results contributes to an increase in global knowledge sharing. Full-text electronic versions of articles and all other published materials are free available on the official website of the journal on the Internet from the moment the issue is published. Materials published on the journal's website can be read, downloaded, copied, distributed, printed, found or attached to the full text of the relevant articles, used for indexing, entered as data into software, or used for other lawful purposes in the absence of financial, legal and technical barriers, with the exception of those that regulate access to the Internet itself, but with a mandatory link to the journal's website.